View from Great Hill Oil Painting
Let’s begin painting the mountains.
Launched Head Detail
“Launched” is a product of one form of inspiration.
Ava demonstrates oil painting
Now let’s get some paint on that canvas!
Remember that we were working on a landscape. The sky is the furthest thing away from us. So, let’s paint it. 
Beginning to set up my Pandemic Home Studio in 2020. That was then.
Videos by SEH Studios
Finally, “Creating Under The Mill” is complete and ready to share!
Art Supplies
In our last lesson, we discussed preparing our palette with paint. During this installment of a Written Art Lesson, let’s begin to discuss the supplies you will need to complete your painting.
In our last lesson, we discussed composing your painting. Now that we have the most basic composition in place, we’ll prepare to paint your scene.
"Vermont Summer" my Heart Piece
“Have you always been an artist?” Visitors often ask me this. My answer is “Well, yes…and no.”  
oil paintings dover, nh
Do me a favor. Take a minute and sketch a simple landscape scene line drawing following the above two directions. How about a far-away mountain with a tree in the field in front of it. Did it work? 
You the Artist paint with a friend
YOU can be an artist for any number of reasons. 
paintings for sale dover, nh
People tell me that they are fascinated by my oil paintings on copper.  So, I thought I’d share a little about what’s involved with my creative process. 

Beauty in a dry spell.
I’ve created some of my best art during a dry spell.
Wiscasset Morning
A studio visitor once told me that she loved looking INTO my paintings. She described looking deep into a beach scene in front of her. 
Happy? A five-year old views her completed painting and beams as she says she feels so happy! An eight-year old finishes her painting and gushes that it looks really, really great!