A Selection of Specially-Created Paintings

“She cried.” ~ D.D.

“I absolutely love it! You did a phenomenal job, and I cannot wait to gift it to my mom!!! Thank you again for all your hard work and attention to detail. This gift is going to mean a lot to her and I thank you for making it a reality.” ~ M.N.

“Well it made me teary so I guess that’s a good sign. I can’t wait to see the finished product.” ~ B.G.

“I just received the art and it’s so great, I am thrilled.” ~ S.M.

I will gladly discuss your special order to paint from a photo or a specific subject or location. 

How does it work? First, you and and I discuss the subject, size, and orientation (vertical, horizontal, square, etc.) you envision.  We’ll talk about where you might hang your finished painting. I can show you some paintings of similar size so that you get a feel for it. We will discuss whether you want it to appear more realistic or impressionistic. If possible, I prefer to take my own reference photos of the subject. There’s just no substitution for seeing it with my own eyes. I’ll remember and note specifics that the camera simply cannot capture. On the other hand, sure, I can use your photo. I prefer it in digital format so that I can enlarge and crop it.

I have a standard contract, which you and I will tailor to your specific commission. I will set a price based upon the size and subject matter. As a rule, you will pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price. Among other things, this allows me to purchase the materials needed to complete your painting. The second half won’t be due until delivery. And you have the right to refuse delivery of the painting if you find it unacceptable.

However, I won’t be painting without lots of contact with you! Unless you prefer otherwise, I’ll email you in-progress photos of the painting from start to finish. When it’s almost done, I’ll invite you to see it in person to be sure that we are in agreement that I’ve fulfilled your expectations. If you are unable to view the painting before its completion, you will still have 3 business days after delivery to return it. Often, my art patrons want to take delivery before the piece is dry enough to varnish. If that’s the case, we can always connect later to varnish it.

Please allow sufficient time in advance if you would like the painting by a specific date. This is a work of art, not mass production!

So, contact me today to get your special project in progress. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.