A Message from “SEH”

“I’m Susan E. Hanna and I sign my work as ‘SEH’.

I am a full-time artist. My joy derives from recreating, and hopefully sharing, the pleasure I feel when I see light glowing through the leaves, across the sky or skittering along wave tops and eddies. I want others to also feel a little breathless at the way a current leads to the coastline, which echoes the cliff line high above where branches gracefully keep the mind’s eye moving. Patrons have described my art as “serene.” And that’s probably the closest description to how I feel when I paint.

My art work includes landscapes, coastal scenes, garden scenes, and portraits. My portraits generally place the subject in a landscape setting. Think a family posing for a photo in front of a vacation destination or dogs running in a garden. I enjoy painting en plein air (outdoors) but spend substantial time working in my Dover studio/classroom. This is where I create and exhibit many of my oil paintings. 

I offer over 200 original works of art for sale in this large, beautiful working studio, classroom, and exhibit space in downtown Dover. I also spend many hours here teaching painting lessons to students of all ages. Visit my “Learn” page for details and current offerings.

Thank you for visiting. I hope to meet you soon!”

Other places to find my original artworks:

Ceres Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

Kalled Gallery, Wolfeboro, NH

Lane House Arts Center, Hampton, NH

Small Wonder Gallery, Camden, ME

We follow CDC guidelines and require masks again due the to Delta variant. Masks and sanitizer are available here.

***Upon request, students aged 12 years and older MUST provide proof of full COVID19 vaccination status. No exceptions. We have many young children and immune-compromised students in our studio family.***

  • From a recent customer

    "I just wanted to let you know that I received my stunning painting yesterday. Holy WOW. Susan, you did such a masterful and beautiful job. I already loved it. I knew that. But I fell in love with it even more. ☺️  I just wanted to let you know that you have one happy customer here, and I look forward to having a collection some day."

    Happy Customer