Why SEH?

I am Susan E. Hanna and I sign my work as SEH. My recent work explores larger canvasses as well as small metal panels. Outdoors, I paint fast and loose while still indicating great detail. In the studio, I love painting large with big brushes and a lot of glazing. I choose to work in oil because it appears to be alive in the way that the colors continue to blend and change as they dry. There’s something about making that first large “swoop” of paint and then becoming lost in the medium until the image may be called complete.

I am a full-time artist. My joy derives from recreating, and hopefully sharing, the pleasure I feel when I see light glowing through the leaves, across the sky or skittering along wave tops and eddies. I want others to also feel a little breathless at the way a current leads to the coastline, which echoes the cliff line high above where branches gracefully keep the mind’s eye moving...READ MORE