YOU the Artist

YOU the Artist

Let’s chat about YOU being the artist.

Many people prefer to create their own art here in our studio.

Parents bring young children to me to develop a hobby or to offer creative expression in a learning environment. Often the art created becomes gifts to family and friends.

Teenagers often receive lessons as gifts. But more often, teens ask to take lessons because they have an interest or aptitude which is not addressed in her or his school curriculum.

Adults come to us for more widely varying reasons. We see pretty equal numbers of men and women coming to learn oil painting here.

Current adult students include:

Working people who want to relax and socialize.

Working people who want to explore and develop long-denied artistic tendencies.

Adults who want to create gifts for others or for home decoration.

Semi-retired folks who plan to paint for pleasure or income (or both) during retirement.

Friends who want to share a common interest while spending time together.

Couples who want to share an activity together.

Retired folks who have found a new passion for painting.

Developing artists who want a place to practice and ask questions.

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten some. But my point is that YOU can be an artist for any number of reasons. Our website offers much information about lessons and the ability to book online. Or reach out to another local teaching artist.

We are here to help.