Happy With Your Art

Happy With Your Art

A five-year old views her completed painting and beams as she says she feels so happy!

An eight-year old finishes her painting and gushes that it looks really, really great!

A thirteen-year old inspects his finished work and announces that he did a pretty good job.

An adult contemplates his or her completed painting and grimaces, stating that it needs more work, he isn’t happy with the trees, she doesn’t like her clouds, and so on.


When do we lose the ability to be happy with our artwork?

I believe, firmly, that if you want to create art you should create art. Period.

I also believe that with practice and a good teacher, anyone can create a beautiful oil painting.

Reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about what we do here at SEH Studios Art.

Or just come and have a tour and a chat with me.

For now, go sketch, doodle, or paint and BE HAPPY! Life is short enough without constantly judging our own creative efforts.