Last year I wrote about being in somewhat of a “pause.” Now I think of myself as “resilient.” ‘

I created some beautiful paintings while working in my home studio from March to May 2020.

Thankfully, I am back in the studio again full-time.

However, I’ve focused on private and semi-private lessons since we continue to deal with the restrictions surrounding the pandemic.

I continue to produce larger oil paintings during the hours when I am not teaching. I keep regular business hours. But I sure miss the visitors!

The good news is that although last year wasn’t a record-breaker, my methods allowed me to lose less than many other businesses.

As the slow spin back to “normal” occurs, I’m going to change things up.

I will be fully vaccinated (two shots plus the two weeks) after March 29th. At that time, I will offer mask-optional private lessons for those who are also fully vaccinated.

I’d also like to re-commence small group lessons for the fully vaccinated. What subject would you like to paint? Would you feel comfortable with 2 or 3 other fully vaccinated students?

I’d also like to reintroduce some type of monthly “art walk” here in my studio. I even have a live musician ready to roll! But with continued social distancing requirements, I worry that visitors will flood in and be frustrated when I limit in-studio capacity.

I’m considering a Saturday from 5 to 7 pm. What do you think?

If it feels right for you, won’t you come visit me? I keep studio hours updated on Google and on my website.

If you’re staying closing to home, I’d also love it if you would check out my newly re-vamped e-commerce website. You may now purchase my art directly from the site with shipping or pick up options. Please look the site over and send me feedback. I’m still (will always be) tweaking how it works and looks.

So, be well my friends. Let me know how you are doing.