Beauty of a Dry Spell

Beauty of a Dry Spell

I’ve created some of my best art during dry weather. There is beauty in a dry spell.

I mean a real dry spell involving no rain and a lot of sunny days in a row. I don’t think we’re quite in a drought yet. But this summer’s weather has me remembering all the great en plein air painting opportunities it provides.

“Bountiful” is an 18” by 6” oil on aluminum panel. I stood under the shade of a fruit tree on a hill at Brookdale Farms in Hollis, New Hampshire as I painted it. That particular dry spell allowed me to return over two days at the same time of day to see the same light and shadows. The gift of painting over several days allowed me to add many details to this bucolic scene. There’s a lot going on in it!

“Local Heritage” is 16” by 8” on a canvas panel. The residents of the white farmhouse allowed me to stand painting in their front yard for two and a half mornings to capture the architectural details and dramatic morning light.

I could not have created either of these artworks in the standard two to three hours allowed before light and shadow irretrievably change the scene before the artist. 

So, even a dry spell can provide special opportunities.

I think this mentality of opportunity is worth seizing upon.