A Written Art Lesson: Part 2

A Written Art Lesson: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I began this little series about the Written Art Lesson. 

The premise is based upon my experience that I know that I have mastered something when I can explain how to do it without a physical demonstration.  

In our last lesson, we discussed composing your painting. Now that we have the most basic composition in place, we’ll prepare to paint your scene.

We know of course that you have already obtained all your supplies! So please squeeze out blobs of color on your palette in the following order beginning from the left: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Alizaron Crimson, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Sienna. You now have two yellows, two blues, and yes, two reds, plus white.

We’re going to mix our “black”, which I refer to as your “dark”. In the space under the Burnt Sienna, pull down some of that Burnt Sienna with your palette knife. Add French Ultramarine Blue to that new pile of Burnt Sienna. Add more blue than sienna. Now add just the barest little touch of Permanent Alizaron Crimson. Use your knife to thoroughly mix all these colors until the result looks black. If you use your knife to pull a thin layer across the palette, you should see a black residue instead of brown or blue. Your dark is the ONLY color I will ever have you mix thoroughly. All other colors are mixed just until they look marbleized, with streaks of color blending through them.

I’d also like you to mix a light blue. Grab some white and put it in the spot under your Cobalt Blue. Now add a very small amount of the Cobalt. Remember: You can always add more color. But you can’t take it back out! Mix these two colors to a marbleized state.

Whew! Maybe now we can begin to paint that landscape. Remember the mountain and the tree in the field? Where should you begin?

I teach my students to begin with the thing that is the furthest away. What is it?

Well, it’s the sky, of course! Feeling silly? Well, almost everyone will reply that it is the clouds or the mountains. Now you know.

So, we are getting ready to actually paint. But what do you have assembled for tools?

Read more in the next installment of “A Written Art Lesson”!

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